Role playings with Android

Ролевые игры с Андроидом


Late in the evening, a middle-aged man entered a trendy cocktail lounge. It was Kevin. He heard about the "stylish and expensive place" at a social party. And already came here a couple of times to look closely.

That evening he was looking for someone with a look. Entering from the illuminated hall into the main hall, immersed in twilight, it was not so easy to examine the space and the people who filled it. There were not many visitors: either the time was unpopular, or the darkened room hid a lot of things that would have looked different in the light, or Kevin was preoccupied with searching for someone or something specific, and everything else didn’t matter to him, therefore, it became invisible. But he came here not by chance, and this could mean that such a state of affairs was in his hand. People seemed to dissolve in space. This was facilitated by the spirit of the noir-style room: twilight, dim light from neon lights placed in niches - draped private niches hiding visitors from prying eyes, cigarette and cigar smoke tending to oblivion; movement from the rustle and rustle of women's evening dresses ... Vibes of a general atmosphere disposed to private communication.

Kevin paused on female silhouettes, met the languid gaze of attractive female eyes, through the haze of slowly soaring puffs of cigarette smoke, he saw the deep sighs of beauties, theatrical gestures leading away from the bright lips of women's cigarettes.

People were as if behind a veil deliberately created in order to hide them from a gaze, it is not clear what a single man seeking. Only one girl Kevin managed to consider pretty well. But only because she was sitting on the most watched place of the cafe - near the bar under the lights. She was a beautiful young woman, well aware of the impression she made.

The evening host who met at the entrance led Kevin to an empty seat, they poured wine and he could plunge into a peaceful atmosphere. Those who knew him well would say that this evening he looked more excited than usual: his whole posture expressed concern and expectation. With a look he continued to look out for something or someone in the hall.

Seeing the very woman sitting with his back to the bar, he chained his gaze to her. A tall slender stranger with a shock of dark hair scattered on her back, in a long black dress without sleeves with a deep neckline below her waist, in silver shoes on a tall stiletto heel ... “She?! ..” - as if Kevin asked with a look. “As if she looked like ...”

Seductive contours and other details of the figure were emphasized by the maximum number of tricks. At first, the face was not visible, the girl threw back her head, covering her back with long hair, then again looked in front of her, and then with a smooth motion on a swiveling bar stool turned towards the hall. And everyone in whose field of vision she fell saw that in front and behind she had a deep narrow neckline to her waist. A long thin chain with a pendant in the shape of a cat's eye emphasized all its charm and indicated charms that were guessed with a high degree of probability. In her hand was a glass of wine, which glowed and, with movements, cast off intricate magical reflections.

As if sensing his gaze, she looked at Kevin. "She is beautiful. But it’s not her, ”he said mentally. For a while, he looked at the invariable reality with a bored look, at some point he looked down at the bottom of the glass and even somehow hunched over, more and more immersed in himself.

Suddenly ... he felt something touch his neck, he didn’t even realize it was cool or warm, but a stream of goosebumps swept his head and shoulders. And if a physical sensation arose, then there was some kind of physical stimulus! These thoughts and moments made Kevin look around: and he saw a slender woman - the exciting camp was moving away. There was not the slightest movement in his direction, she retreated farther and farther. It is not clear whether it was a touch or a fancy. Did the cool silk of the leaving beauty's dress touch his neck by accident?

The image of a stranger beckoned. I wanted to follow her in the languid train of her movements and the entangled aroma of perfume. But all Kevin could do now was follow this graceful beauty with just a look. The girl sat in the back of the room, in a private niche. Her face was not visible because of the wide, flowing floor of the hat. The girl took it off, however, and now the face was not visible, now because of the head lowered in a pensive pose. In visible outlines, beauty was read.





After a while, the stranger raised her head. She casually inspected the hall and finally looked at Kevin. And he had the feeling that she “recognized him”. Because she literally “stumbled” over him with a look, something like a frightened embarrassment or shy timidity was read in her face ... She seemed to have gathered courage and looked at him. Her lips said something.

“She speaks to me ?! Is her attention for me? ”Flashed through Kevin’s head. Now the girl looked with her beautiful huge something with dark eyes to his face. Kevin wanted to go up to her and speak, but he did not dare and just as if bewitched, he looked.

Mutual confusion lasted several minutes. Kevin did not know what to do, what pretext to find at the table for the girl. Meanwhile, she changed her position, turning away from him, and again he could not see what she was doing, which completely absorbed his attention.

He did not know - did not know how to approach. Thoughts went astray, swarmed, not a single one suited him. And suddenly he got up and went. He himself did not understand how he ended up in front of her table. There was nothing left to do, but without an invitation to sit down on a nearby chair. He felt that he was now embodying awkward shyness. A little more - and he would fall into a stupor. But suddenly he again felt a familiar touch, so light that it seemed to be gone - just a hint of action. This brought him out of a verbal coma.

Suddenly, something unprecedented happened: the girl put her hand on him with a gentle gesture and barely squeezed Kevin's hand in an encouraging motion. She smiled and helped him out of his terrible ridiculous state: "My name is Sandra." “And me Kevin ...” he said hoarsely from the loss of the ability to speak in a voice.

Sweet and delicate, Sandra gave him courage. A few minutes later they talked, and with great pleasure.

They talked to each other for quite some time. If someone watched them, he would see how gently he takes her hand, brings it to his lips, whispers something. And with the same tenderness she laid her head on his shoulder and enjoys intimacy.

Looking from the side, no one could say that these people met a few hours ago, and before that they did not even know about each other's existence. The two behaved as if they had known each other for a long time. One got the impression that they were in love with each other, in love truly, genuinely, with all their heart. It was clear that they are careful with each other, and this is a manifestation of sensitive care that cannot be harmed by anything. They held each other's hands, as if they were afraid of losing each other. It was a perfect match - two destined for each other.





Night has long conquered the streets of the city. And they still sat, bending, head to head, her hands in his palms. She said something in his ear, then put on her hat, he got up, gave her a hand, and together they went to the door.

Holding hands, they first walked along the night streets in a dreamy mood. His hand moved to her waist, he pulled her to him, and so, clinging to each other, they walked for some more time. And then he lifted her and turned her back, without saying a word, smiling, he pulled her back. Not far from the entrance to the cafe was a convertible electric car. “Sit down!” - and the door opened before Sandra. It was clear without a word - and she sank into the car seat.

About ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of his house.

He held out his hand to her again, she gave her her to him with such a feeling that it was clear that with her hand she gave herself to him forever and without a trace. He grabbed her and, clutching him tightly, brought her into the house. After the door closed behind them, they remained in a dark corridor, where they could only feel each other by touch. Gentle hugs and kisses became more passionate and impatient. Without looking, they made their way into the room, taking off each other's clothes. But suddenly Kevin felt something in Sandra’s actions, still harmonious and active ... Sandra stopped, becoming motionless, like the Snow Queen, her gaze went out.

In the first seconds, completely surrendered to passion Kevin did not realize what was happening. “No, no, no!” He groaned. A few seconds were enough for awareness: "Most likely, Sandra ran out of charge, but for some reason she did not switch to backup power." He looked at the holographic monitor, which was on the wrist, in place of the watch, went into the settings and activated the backup power.

Kevin thought again for a few seconds: "Continue this game mode? Or finish it the next time? ”Closing his eyes, he pressed the button to be briefly under the oppression of the problem of choice. It turned out to be the Continue Game feature.

And after a moment, Sandra’s eyes opened, a soft reflection appeared in them for several moments, Sandra’s gaze came to life. And at the same time her whole body became alive, as if it had not stopped. And the feeling that the game did not stop would not exist if it were not for the human nature of Kevin, who needed time to restore his corresponding sense of self.

Sandra was in a state of languid sexual arousal. Her body expressed desire and readiness for intercourse. Her condition was transmitted to Kevin, as if a wave of sexual arousal was transmitted through the touch of her fingers to his body. So it was: through the tips of her fingers elusive vibrations were transmitted into his body, which triggered the mechanisms of his natural nature and sensations.

All extraneous thoughts quickly vanished from his head. And he focused on the sensations from her body, which bent and moved towards him, not stopping, including his body and causing him to move in unison. Finding themselves on the first suitable bed on their way, they plunged into a whirlpool of carnal sensations.

And woke up only in the morning. Rather, Kevin woke up, and Sandra opened her eyes and stretched, as if she had just woken up. Her willingness to be a faithful friend, an interesting interlocutor, a passionate lover was exceptional. And the ability to be useful-comfortable to your master is invariably constant. The main thing is not to forget to check her power system ...






It may be so. Maybe in the days of androids.


A man will be able to play his best life role. Together with the android woman. Any social role (wife, girlfriend, interlocutor, vests for tears, a chess or tennis partner, a fellow traveler out of town or on a business trip), the programmed “woman” will play not just perfectly, but perfectly. And in the “adult mode” she will have no equal, because she will do what the man to whom she will belong needs to do.

But the life of adults would be boring, not healthy and not even possible without sex. On the other hand, intimate life quickly becomes boring if it has regular, or even the most intricate and most sophisticated sex, but sex without healthy communication. Communication is one of the basic human needs. This is the social basis of the basics. It is a success. That's life. In extreme cases - without a society of their own kind - a well-known fact - a person can run wild. A person is extremely lonely among people, and even in the family, with his wife. Not to mention the boredom that can arise against the background of everyday monotony. Any living person needs communication outside the bedroom. Beyond these “limits” a tone is set, a theme, passions run high, desire grows ... and sex is enriched.




Role-playing games with android: how it will be


To overcome the routine course of things, mankind came up with various tricks, including role-playing games. Is it possible to come up with something more exciting and varied than role-playing games ?! Role-playing games in people's lives, especially in sexual ones, are very enthusiastic! The main thing in this connection is to have a partner who will willingly and pleasure realize all conceivable and unimaginable scenarios! For their implementation, an ideal partner than an android is not to be found! The Android “she” is not only devoid of her own psychological limitations in the form of social taboos and individual complexes, but also “liberated” by the software: the owner of the android will program the android woman in the way she wants, when she wants, how, where and how much she wants. “Adult mode” in the structure of role-playing game is a man living in such states, situations, stories that he can sometimes only secretly dream about, which can only be dreamed in a dream. Not every woman of flesh and blood agrees to go too far in sexual experiments and role-playing games, and often even agree to expand the field of sexual acceptability or to participate in an extravagant role-playing game. Android will play all the roles without coercion. And its owner will be able to make any changes to the parameters of the game, to the settings of the adult mode and the android itself. So far, you can only dream about it.

But we can prepare, so to speak, theoretically and describe what it can be for role-playing games with an android woman. Thematically, scenarios are limited only by the imagination of a person: a screenwriter or an android user.

The script or parameters of the role-playing game (game scripts), genre and behavioral structures will be developed by specialists, just as the script and the direction of the movie are created, over which the whole script group, the main director, the director can work for more than one month ...

These scenarios will be embedded in the software part of the android in the form of templates that are not detailed in detail, and scenarios where the degree of elaboration will be detailed and detailed. This can be compared with software ("factory") presets in a smartphone or tablet. The owner of the android at the very beginning will need to choose whether he will play according to the finished script or take a specific thematic template and as a screenwriter he will develop all the details. He will choose the place of action, genre and duration of the game: for one hour, a situational game for one evening, or one day, for one week, month, year or a “non-linear” scenario - a game in development in which a person can make adjustments to the settings - a behavior model, situational emotional characteristics (humor, thoughtfulness, frivolous notes, elegiac sadness or unbridled joy), complicating, “lowering” or “raising”, the settings for the “psychotype” of an android. It is possible that it will be possible to embody the "alternative scenario of life" when a person can live according to this scenario, becoming a truly creator of his destiny, playing until he is interested in playing (throughout or part of his life), that is his real life will follow the role play scenario.

In any case, the director and main character of the game action taking place in real life will be the owner of the android.




A list of scenarios by topic and genre: what can we imagine


Imagine! Secular evening with its aristocratic atmosphere, where women shine with beauty, and men are restrained gallant. A subdued intimate corner in a small chamber cafe, where you can suddenly meet an amazing beautiful stranger. A starry beach with splashing waves and loose sand under bare feet. Morning behind a cup of fragrant awakening drink to the sounds of your favorite melody - and a loud doorbell, you open, and behind the door a female courier with a parcel - a task for a sexual quest in which you both become the main characters. These topics can form the basis of any role-playing game that any Android owner can implement at least every day, because it will be possible! And easy!

The main character can create and play any situation, for example: lose the situation of meeting a beautiful lady. Or, for example, you want the novelty of sensations, impressions, circumstances. We decided to feel like a man who is in anticipation of a fateful meeting with the woman of his dreams. You leave the house and go where your desire leads you. On your way, you meet a lonely beauty and you immediately understand from her look that she was immediately very interested in you. Having succumbed to the language of her gestures, the language of her body, her voice, you are genuinely sincerely and naturally immersed in this situation - everything is so natural! You are experiencing the whole gamut of feelings of meeting with your dream, with your beloved beloved, with your ideal. And she ... is experiencing the same thing! ..

And all because you, as the screenwriter of your life, as the creator of your legend, made your condition in advance in the settings of your android-woman when she “forgot” that she “knows” you. And at the “first meeting” with you, she behaves accordingly. And since your “original gene” is entered into her “program code”, she will never make a mistake - she will not choose another man and will remain your woman at any time and in any situation ... This particular “woman” will have the “only possible” image her men - her owner - setting on the "psychotype" of the owner. And at the same time, the opposite algorithm will be laid down - the algorithm of "maximum rejection" of all other men in any situation at any time. In order for her not to “jump over” to another man under any circumstances, and so that when you come to meet her at the appointed place and do not witness her “betrayal”: the program part will never allow this to happen - switch the attention of the android to another man, not its owner.

Therefore, if a man wants to play the role-playing game “The Boss and the New Secretary”, then the android will play the role of a woman secretary who “comes” to the workplace “for the first time”, sees this man “for the first time” and she immediately likes him. And further events develop according to this scenario - it will behave in accordance with the models of human behavior in this situation with all collisions. All this will be determined by the program part of the android: information about the “original gene” of a man (that is, the ideal of her man, information about options - patterns of behavior in such situations, a complex of general communication programs). The development of events will depend on the model of behavior of men. If he behaves in such a way that she will "understand" the behavior model as a "work process", this will determine her behavior at work. If he flirts, she will react in accordance with this model of behavior within the type of personality that will be programmed (for example, the type of coquette or the type of arrogant woman vamp, or the type of inexperienced untouched ...). In her program at this moment there will be no “memory” of the once experienced experience of any interaction with this man. But her programmatic "preferences", programmed when creating this android for this man, taking into account his preferences, will be in full correlation. It will be a perfect couple who met “at work”. And in this role, and in another role-playing game, an android can behave according to the pattern of a woman’s behavior, which literally “can't bear” to find her one and only man. And it is clear that this man, by default, is the owner of the android.





Unlike role-playing games between real people - a man and a woman - when everyone realizes the artificiality of the created situation and behaves like actors with playing fake emotions and feelings, role-playing games between a man and an android woman are a psychophysiological process that causes a man’s natural psychophysiological reactions in response to incentives from the android, in which the software part determines the “reality” of “behavior”. Android is sincere in any situation, which causes human responses. For an android, this will be a natural “behavior”; he will not be aware of the unnaturalness of his behavior. And any programmed role will play in a manner similar to natural human behavior.

In addition, a man will be in an ideal situation for himself - to communicate with a woman-dream, such and what kind of real man is looking for (and most often does not find) in life. The image of the android, in principle, is ideal.

Possessing a special history of “life” (“birth”, “upbringing”, “growing up”, etc., etc.), the android woman will always remember her as an unchanged program part. But the “story” of the current time, the owner of the android will be able to “write” what he wants, just like the script is written.

The role-playing mode opens up a huge prospect of using the android not only in a utilitarian (for example, domestic, or sexual) plan, but in terms of modeling a “parallel” (alternative) world with the implementation of the android woman, not only as a human assistant, but also on more complex levels - the level of socio-psychological realization of personality. After all, an ordinary average man joins in a romantic relationship most often only through a movie, through indirect perception, virtual identification with on-screen heroes. Since ancient times, or even earlier, a person wishes a happy life, dreams of a complete personal realization, simulates images of this in his head, but in reality he cannot get it for various reasons.




"Scenes from life" (modeling situations)


Role-playing games with a woman-android will become either amazing extravagant adventures, or stories on a household theme. For example, a fembot with an “impossible mission” will enter your life and ask for help in rescuing from intergalactic pursuers. Or you can call a special nurse who will come to your home, starting from the threshold, will carry out all the necessary actions that will eliminate acute sexual failure. Or you, as Brad Pitt as an international killer, will meet a woman killer in an unfamiliar country, played by Angelina Jolie, in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Or, together with your beloved android woman, you can realize the script of the film “Tourist”: you will be, like Johnny Depp, an adventurer after a radical plastic surgery, and your android as a delightful Angelina, who has not exchanged you for anyone.






Examples of role-playing situations

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that all the famous stories and genres have already been played. It remains for us to try on the main roles.


"Fellow traveler on the train." Late evening. The express train rushes without calling at intermediate stations. The protagonist in a relaxed atmosphere of a 2-seater coupe relaxedly sprawled on a shelf and no longer waits for a fellow traveler, because the train has long departed from the station. The door swings open and a luxurious woman appears on the threshold. Her confident actions and proud posture betray her businesswoman. It is evident that not everyone is included in her circle. And all the more interesting ... Who will they be for each other at the end of the trip? ..

 "Practitioner." The young girl, who was sent to practice in one of the companies where the main character is the director, is late in the morning on her first working day. The boss begins to get annoyed because he was warned that he must meet with her in order to urgently sign her agreement. When he is ready to burst into an angry speech, she comes in: a short skirt, an open top (well, summer, heat!), And almost nothing more from the clothes (the girl obviously neglected the dress code, and she will have to seriously deal with it). She, modestly lowering her eyes, tells him: “You can punish me as soon as you want ...” He goes to the door and locks it with a key. No one should see them ...

"South night. Beach. He and the mermaid. " The main character is on the sea beach. There was a party, and he drank wine. The wine is so cool! He goes staggering and holds a bottle of unfinished wine in his hand. After wandering along the night coast in solitude, he sat on the sand and began to look at the reflection of the moon and stars in the sea. And suddenly a female head with long green hair appeared in the water, and then a shiny scaly body shining in the moonlight. He shook his head, trying to drive away the vision. But nothing helped - he saw a girl with naked breasts of unprecedented beauty, looking from the bowels of the sea. Suddenly she pushed herself from the water and in one motion rolled along with the wave on him. He experienced a powerful sensation. And he opened his eyes - the first rays of the sun woke him. Was it a dream or reality? ..

"Downpour and knock on the door of the country house where the hermit lives." Downpour like a bucket. The protagonist, wrapped in a plaid, sits in a rocking chair and drinks hot tea. Sleepy. Simultaneously with the rumble of thunder, they rattled the door, tearing the hero from a half-nap. He looked out the window next to the door - there was a wet creature, as if a man - a woman or a child. He opened the deadbolt. The huge scared eyes through the wet woman looked into his eyes. Of the last forces, she stepped on the threshold and fell into his hands. He had to bring her into the house and lay her on the sofa. She was exhausted and streams of water flowed from her. He began to undress her ...

"Meeting on the highway." The main character rides on a suburban highway. Around - not a soul. On the side of the car. No one is visible. The hero got out of his car and headed for the car. The doors are open - and no one. He walked around the car and saw a path leading to the forest belt, behind which the river guessed. He went down to the river. Approaching, I saw a naked sunbathing girl. He did not know whether to identify himself immediately or to observe her. A branch snapped under his feet, he cursed, the girl jumped up, throwing on herself the first thing that came to hand from clothes. "Sorry! He held out his hand toward the girl. - I did not want. I was not expecting. I will turn my back, get dressed. ” A few minutes later they were already standing near her car. She turned out to be a tourist who does not know these places. She had nothing to do. “Let me, as the owner of these places, show all the interesting things that I know! ..” You can spend the night at my place ...


"Roommate." There was a knock on the door of the hotel room of the protagonist. “Come in, openly!” He shouted, not rising — his pen fell under the bed, he continued to search for it. Suddenly, he felt someone coming up from behind: “Got it, handsome!” The woman's voice giggled. And in it he recognized the voice of a woman from the next room.


"Night Savior." The main character walked through the night city. In the light of the lanterns one could see the girl in a hurry in front. Afraid to even look back. “He probably thinks I'm a maniac, chasing her,” he smiled to himself. And at that moment the girl stumbled and collapsed to the ground. There was nothing left - it was necessary to save a person. He came up, she looked at him in dismay. He looked at her: "Help you? Or should I go further so as not to scare you? ”The girl sighed in relief and said:“ My heel has broken - it’s stuck in a hole. ” The hero grabbed the girl in his arms, and from her physical closeness a hot emotion swept through him ...


Role-playing game with android allows a man to live a variety of life scenarios, up to not feasible in real life. Having lost various role-playing scenarios, a person is likely to find a scenario suitable for implementation in his real life. And this will make his life full, bright, rich, happy.

Role-playing games in combination with the adult mode will make the reality of a particular man a magical dream! And he can play all the roles, plots and scenarios that would never have been possible in his everyday life! Roles that not everyone can even dream of!