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Современная Венера Милосская


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Torsodoll RealisticDoll - is a kind of modern Venus de Milo Given that the modern man for sex without commitment, in general, need a waist-to-hip segment to it, maybe a little contemplation feminine bust and sensuously beautiful little face, then this product - a perfect object for sex.

To put it directly, "the bat" and "the nail on the head", the torsodoll RealisticDoll - is part of the doll Alexa, and Alexa doll without arms and legs. With all honesty we must admit that this favorite child not only consumers but also the manufacturer, and it's not in necrophilic inclinations of both sides, and in the utilitarian (including production) and at the same time aesthetic reasons.

Starting with the latter: torsodoll RealisticDoll retains all - literally and figuratively - the charm of the whole doll: beautiful face, magnificent breasts, gorgeous ass, the most that neither is a natural bosom; the same velvety soft skin, the same lovely (and simultaneously "variability" in the owner's discretion) curls, the same wonderful (and very natural) curves of the body.

And with all these luxuries - greater ease of handling, a purely consumer properties: torsodoll RealisticDoll have less weight and are therefore easier to manipulate; less than "growth" and therefore it is easier to store and carry; hands and feet in this case, as it were superfluous, because their absence facilitates the "device" key at the same time provides greater stability, so do not be distracted by ensuring equilibrium position "in the process" (operation as directed), and is therefore very time-saving. And who thinks in particular during sensual moments or draws attention to the hands and feet?

However, nestled the RD-Venus on a bed, throwing on the site of the alleged arms and legs a sheet or blanket, very easy to overlook the lack of "legs". In short, long live the art of camouflage!

Of course, the whole doll torsodoll more mobile, so it can be more easily used on a bed, on a pillow, a blanket on the couch, on the couch, on the table, and so on. 

Finally, this option Alexa doll so as it is now accepted to be expressed, more than a budget option - price torsodoll RealisticDoll significantly less than the price of an entire doll.
Mechanically in torsodoll is almost everything that is in the doll: a high-tech and high-skeleton joints, ensuring the mobility of the doll; sophisticated verified implants in the breast and buttocks (by analogy with implants in women) who make the doll's body is very naturalistic - a rounded, soft to the touch and touching "body to body".

Silicone, which is used well-known American and European world producers (this silicone premium used in world cinema, to create a sophisticated makeup and complex special effects associated with the human body; it is also used in robotics, in reconstructive medicine, plastic surgery, it is used in the manufacture of modern tableware, kitchen utensils.
High quality silicone provides high properties of nature - all products RealisticDoll - from the realistic doll torsodoll and torsoass to toys for adults medium and small size. They are durable, easily extensible, durable.

Products, and in particular RD-torsodoll, hygienic, easy to care for: they can be washed, cleaned, processed corn starch. To make the desired image of the person or doll torsodoll on silicon can be applied to cosmetics, which easily falls on the silicon, and can be easily removed from it if necessary.

A special type of paint products - a kind of "baking" the paint allows it indelibly, a special technique recreate the skin's surface (with texture and pores as on human skin) provides a naturalistic products, making them visually distinguishable from the surface of human skin beautiful. Skin tones can be from a light flesh to light brown.

"Growth" torsodoll RealisticDoll - 105 cm (.. Ie, that doll Alexa minus "arms" and "legs").

Using this object for sexual pleasures, the owner quickly gets used to it, it ceases to notice the lack of "hands" and "feet".


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Author: Studio RealisticDoll

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