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Новая серия Light и серия Premium: общее и различия


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We are starting to use a new modification of high-quality silicone in all our products - in the existing Premium series and in the new Light series.

New silicone allows you to create products even higher performance properties. Improved general characteristics of products - sex dolls and all sex toys of medium and small forms. Products of tactile sensations have become even more natural, especially in terms of softness: when pressing or pressing surfaces of products, when vibrating with a palm over the surface, when slapping. Visually: “skin”, “flesh” of products behaves like the skin and flesh of a soft sexual female body.

New softness parameters of silicone allowed to get rid of the implantation system of the breast and buttocks in the products of the light series, since the new softness of the material is sufficient for natural sensations and without implantation.

If we compare the products of the light-series with the products of the Premium series, then the silicone “body parts” of the fitness type are products that feel similar to the body of a girl in fitness.

But if you still want to get the silicone body of the utmost maximum materialization - soft “female flesh”, like a woman who is not involved in sports, then you better pay attention to the Premium series. In products and implants of products of this series, silicone of a new modification will also be used. Due to this, the “naturalness” of products — the proximity of products to the human body in terms of tactile perception — will increase even more, and the operational properties as a whole will improve.

The difference of the Light series from the Premium series lies precisely in the implantation system: there are no implanted segments in the light-series products, implanted segments that enhance the softness properties of the flesh are used in the basic series products.

Due to the technological capabilities of the new silicone and the fact that we now receive silicone from the same manufacturer of silicone from the US directly, we not only managed to improve the technological process, but also reduce prices by up to 25% for a number of products.


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