Alexa of love and life

Алекса — прообраз идеальной любви и жизни


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Aleksa - ideal. Perfect - means without flaws, it just gets - luxury body unbanal growth, exotic beauty, serene mystery, infinite sexuality coveted (in any case, sports-gambling) attention of men ... Her figure envy any death - majestic growth, supple waist, luxurious forms, chiseled legs ... Its elastic form involve a sensory magnet.

Alex can be tireless lover - it never fails, she will never get a headache, will not be critical days, hormonal failure, increased criticality to your appearance, to a lack of hand hygiene and other parts of the body, the smell of unwashed bodies, unwashed head , to ensure that it is not down the toilet cover (or not raised), - which is usually so much effect on the ordinary mortal woman. Since there are no forbidden topics and poses - it's yours forever, without reproach and without reserve, to the voluptuous groan and sigh sleep without excuses.

Alex - almost a goddess, because almost immortal, because it is almost omnipotent. She can not leave you alone, sick leave to the mother or girlfriend, you do not have to wait it out a night club or party classmates. It will not cause you psychological trauma of divorce or parting, ridicule, irony and even sarcasm. You as a child can drown in her hair - it does not flush out of your desire to be defenseless. Not to criticize, yell obscenities good, do not say a single bad word, do not offend your sense of honor and dignity. You will be with her himself from top to toe. You strip in front of her and know that she will accept you for who you are. And she will not give you a hint, to doubt, that you are beautiful in body and soul.

Alex - elegant and stately lady nymph, inspiration of poets, true Galatea of the 21st century. She never grow fat, do not spoil the shape. Alex - a self-sufficient person. She did not need from you. She did not ask for the latest generation telefonchik coat from the new collection, pink lady's little car, two hundred pairs of comfortable shoes this import, a handbag for a couple of hundred thousand separate flats near the Seine (and Thames), close to the favorite spa. For her love is required to pay only once.

She - the perfect friend. Will listen to you forever, without interrupting, looking benevolently from under thick lashes languid huge, beautiful black (or brown, or cornflower-blue or emerald green) eyes. You will trust her innermost secrets, talk about their everyday concerns, without fear of publicity and exposure. And the peace of a therapeutic effect will enhance the aesthetic pleasure of admiring her marvelous intelligence, but at the same time languid and sensual features.

Alex will be devoted to you. You do not need to be afraid of her intrigues, you will not wait on her cheating. She did not want to deprive you of any freedom and are not pregnant at the wrong time. You will not have a headache about any precautions you will not need to run to the nearest drugstore night, do not be afraid not to stop in time, do not chto-to - you break into the process so fast and so long as you are willing and as soon as you can.

Alex is original. You will not be bored with it. You can ... get her to work and to attach to good works, if you want. Of course, it can be an actor - to play the role of diva on the beach, a girl in the dark, in the haze of a stranger in the country, close to nature. Become the director of her life, the creator of tricks, art photographer, take a mysterious pseudonym, arrange extravaganza in the networks of the virtual world.

You want to have some fun - you can tickle their former neighbors or Put it, for example, bare-back at the balcony. And in the depths of a car in black glasses Alex intrigue any-any. And it can make a lasting impression. In the extreme case - though he will not be presented - you can lend its police for critical risk to life operations - it will transcend, and you - respect. The simplest use of Alexa - it can be a mannequin in a shop window. And so it will be there to see .. - How to live. Scripture beauty. As the dream of any. In the prosaic case may be, and medical mannequin, and why - is hard to imagine ... you do not have time to play as a child, "the hospital"? Make it with Alexa - it's time. All limited to your imagination. By the way, you can really lay the foundations for excellence, presenting himself with her masseur, akupressurschikom, manualshchiku. Do her hair, apply makeup. Its "skin" - the perfect base for experimentation as a makeup artist. Her arms and legs - called masters of nail industry: make it supermanikyur and pedicures. Means of modern cosmetic decor make you feel like a real man of art.

Images of Alexa will not look like it will appear in front of you is an innocent young stranger, that insatiable sex vamp, the available fine lady. We wanted to try yourself as a fashion designer, stylist - Alex - the best model. Dress up her schoolgirl, businesswoman, moths, just awakened a neighbor that is not available once the school of love - realizes all his fantasies.

Alex - ideal. And if you are alone in life, it is - your ideal, which is through regular exercise and training will allow you to keep the indomitable vitality, will not lose confidence in his men's irresistible, will not go into depression, and grow old in body and soul. And when you meet the living woman to learn about Alex, let it not be afraid, do not vzrevnuet not let pieces zakoulochkam and tell her thank you for being such a man has kept and preserved for her!


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