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We enable adult mode


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2069 year. Morning. California

Coming out of the house, Bill involuntarily glanced in the direction of neighbor's cottage, Patrick, and whistled in delight: She, who had been living next door for the second day, admired the glass of the French balcony. “I wonder why she stands like this, worrying her neighbors with her view? She put her shoulder on the door and put out a leg bent at the knee, twirling a lock on her hair and dreamily looking into the distance. As if she could dream of something”, - thought Bill.

Anyone wouldn’t refuse such a view in his own window: “It looks like the stage setting after morning sex.” Bill imagined how after the sexual pleasures Patrick fell off in the evening and fell asleep in exhaustion, and in the morning he overslept, having spent all his physical strength. But he acquired, of course, more - a source of total satisfaction. And if you think about it, then a good tool for training the whole body. And libido, of course. Playful thoughts were strung on one another, and all on one topic. Bill could not think of anything else - he had not yet departed from yesterday's fountain of impressions.

Just yesterday morning, going to work, Bill saw her for the first time! At first I thought "it seemed." It seemed that someone was pulling the curtains at Patrick's house, by the time he should have been at work, and nobody lived in the house except for him. But the movement of curtains and someone invisible in the house repeated. “Has someone else entered the house?” Draws the curtains to hide from involuntary eyes? ”- Bill was worried, because if it was so, then you need to urgently report to the police. Neglecting precautionary measures, he decided to look into the windows that were not yet closed. I approached the French balcony window, huge in all wall, and ... I recoiled - at that instant a man approached the same window from the other side.

Bill was stunned in silence: it was a woman of unheard of beauty. The close proximity - they were separated only by glass - made it possible to see the body in all its monumental grace, the divine body with gorgeous golden hair scattered over the shoulders in a light transparent dressing gown, diverging provocatively across the chest and strapped by a belt on an aspen waist.

"Who is it?! That in such a way, barefoot, she does for Patrick, a short forty-three-year-old Patrick, to put it mildly, not sparkling with beauty, the prostitute from a nearby bar had just recently dreamed of. Patrick, once drunken, complained that the hair somehow thin imperceptibly, gained too much weight, and therefore neither Aphrodite nor Helena could see him as his ears not only in wives, but on a single night. And here it is! heavenly inhabitant descended from heaven! ”

The fact that a stranger in a neighbor's house was negligee and behaved as if she felt herself on her territory said a lot. More precisely, about the fact that the neighbor was getting better intimate life. All day, Bill at work could not come to his senses, things did not go well, he answered questions from his colleagues out of place, thought about the woman in the house of his neighbor and, most importantly, how she got there. Bill was languishing with anticipation, and as soon as the clock showed the end of the working day, he rushed home. But home not to himself, but to his neighbor - it was necessary to make sure that in the morning he did not see a mirage, see again and get all the answers. Something unusual was in the appearance of a woman. But whether by surprise, or ... Bill himself could not understand, from which, from meeting with an unfamiliar diva, he was left with a strange and inexplicable feeling.

Patrick did not open immediately. He came out in a dressing gown, under which obviously nothing more was out of clothes. And he could come home only fifteen minutes ago. Patrick was not happy with his neighbor's visit. But when he told about the morning meeting, he expressed his amazement and fell asleep with emotional questions, got more comfortable, took a smug look and said: “Old man, if you knew how busy I am now! .. (He, like an idiot, smiled, it seems, happiness?) - and added: “Come to me in two hours. I'll dial you when I'm ready. Drink a glass and talk. "

Bill was exhausted from the unknown. And as soon as the neighbor called, he almost ran to his house. Door opened. He entered and walked into a well-known living room. A woman was sitting with her back in an armchair. And she was silent. Judging by the turn of the head, her gaze was directed at Patrick. From the armrest of the chair hung the most elegant, most languid, most regal hand in the world. Patrick, smiling broadly, said to Bill: “Meet, this is my wife Jessica!”

Patrick called her Jesse (it was Patrick's favorite female name). Perhaps, in his entire life, Bill never experienced such strong impressions as he experienced from what he saw - from Jessica. It was a man. Was it a man? Well, it was almost human! It is not known how to define this phenomenon more accurately. He would like to find a suitable name, but it did not work right away. An inanimate person-woman moving, speaking and reacting to incentives? Scary. The name is creepy, and the phenomenon (or being?) Is overwhelmingly attractive. Live robot? Nothing meaningful, does not reflect the phenomenality of the phenomenon name. Yes, and somehow it turns out to be trivial ... It was an android!

Or rather, an android woman. It was a perfect woman - without the slightest flaw. She possessed not only a perfect body, but also a perfect “psyche”, provided by the most complex network of cyberneurons, penetrating all the tissues of the cybertel and allowing, by nature, a non-living phenomenon to behave like a living being - a human being. And this was a man - a woman - of your dreams, because after the purchase it was you who became her ultimate creator, it was in your hands that she became herself - unique, but at the same time your second self - the mirror of your essence.

Both Bill and Patrick were both blown away from its human-like, beauty and accessibility. “New wife! Just think, the wife of Patrick, who never believed that someday he would part with his loneliness and marry. And then, it turns out, he got married, just paying the bill for his wife. The body of the goddess, the skin to the touch and in appearance and warmth just like a person, talking to him on his favorite topics, hardy and workable, equal in functionality to a smart home, and the adult mode gives such a range of diversity that to master new poses Patrick will be a few months. "

Patrick rolled his eyes when he tried to talk about the “adult mode” of Jesse. On the very first day, having received the package and unpacking Jesse, not being fully impatient with the instruction manual, Patrick saturated the voyeuristic tendencies: he looked at the details of all the holes, put his fingers in there and came to the delight: everything, including cracks and creases on the skin like a man. He settled down to a new sweetheart loins and, keeping the torso at a distance, looked at the face, approached his lips, enveloped his chest. Everything was like in a dream - lying next to a supportive beauty, with whom he could do anything, it was difficult for him to believe.

The next day, Patrick rushed to the stores for outfits for a new wife. The first, of course, was a lingerie store. Saleswomen looked at each other with a smile. Tried to figure out the size. And the buyer, like a nourished contented cat, grinning butterfully, rounding the hands and spreading them apart or narrowing them, showed volumes and understood what impresses the owners of average female figures.

“Count how many modes she has! - Patrick frolicked in front of Bill. The one who created Jessica apparently had fun giving names to the regimes: “The Perfect Cook,” “Tireless Tidy,” “Favorite Traveling Partner,” “Interesting Interlocutor,” “Skillful Secretary” ... “She knows all this, and not only that” - Now Patrick was not to appease.

But for the neighbor, the main thing was always the “Adult mode”, because Patricia, as Patrick Bill jokingly called, like any man, from android-women needed sex, and everything else ... well, since there is everything else, well, why and no. In the end, is it not pleasant to come home after work to a real family home, clean, comfortable, filled with smells of delicious food, where you are met and escorted with a sweet smile, relevant conversation and inexhaustible care that does not require retaliatory actions, without a tired look, a bad feeling and ready to hear what and how much you say? ..

A review of Jessica's abilities was announced in her presence. She with a supportive expression in a relaxed pose smiled encouragingly at Patrick. She did not enter into conversation. At some point a neighbor left the room. Being pretty podshofe, leaving, rocking, he accidentally touched the decorative branches of palm trees in a large floor vase. Branches linked together fell out and scattered across the floor. Laughing, Patrick bent down to restore order.

And then almost through the air, silently and lightning alongside his wife was an android. All trajectories of her body were unmistakable, mathematically verified. Jess's body turned back to the sofa on which Bill sat. Having bent to the floor itself, Jessica literally managed to collect all the branches in one movement, and with the other precise smooth movement they were sent back to the vase. At the same time, she supported the not very stable body of her man-husband.

For a few moments, the dream woman was forced to bend down to grab the artificial branches. So it turned out that in relation to Bill it was the angle behind. The beautiful neighbor was a very short air negligee and, as it turned out, the most frankly creative underwear from the sex shop. Bill in a blink of an eye looked over all the monumental details of the neighbor's wife's lap. He almost choked on such a frank pose. Very unexpected!

Patrick left the room. And Jessica took his place, opposite Bill. From the prospect of being alone with her, Bill had not yet left the scene with the branches, and therefore he did not find anything better than to pretend that he wanted to help his neighbor and got up to go after him. When Bill passed by Jess, she had a feline movement, touched Bill's hand, and with the most seductive look, looked him straight in the face. Bill was dumbfounded. The look and the lips were so promising, so languid ... Jessica stood up and took his hand, the fingers of the other hand ran behind the head along the hair and went down the neck to the shoulder collar. Bill instantly dried his lips, his mouth opened a little, he caught the air. Jessica's fingers were warm, like a man's, her breath was heard. All she was embodied desire and promised unforgettable sensations. From the other room Bill called Patrick. Jess shook at the sound of Patrick's voice, as if the instantaneous switching of settings had shifted her attention too. She turned away from Bill and went to the voice of her master.

The night and morning of the working day was approaching. For several hours the neighbors talked in the presence of a golden-haired silent beauty. Basically spoke, of course, Patrick. Did not say - burned with each description of the merits of Jessica. Sat down, and it was necessary to disperse.

Yes, sir, thought Bill. - Neighbor's life has definitely changed. How many emotions! ... And what was it when she approached me and touched? .. N-yes, the question is ... Need to look through the catalog, maybe I should also find a wife? .. ”- the thought seemed at least amusing, because Jessica was hiding what kind of behavior Something unknown prospect. Not everything was clear how and why. But Patricius did not want to share this - not so much in the direct, even in the figurative sense. - We need to find this company. Patrick said: "RealisticDoll, you will quickly find them online." ... Well, and I will choose a curly brunette. Let's organize a barbecue, get together families, see whose wife is capable of, ”Bill mentally giggled. But it was necessary to run to work and, therefore, for some time to ward off thoughts about sex.


your days



Present days



Can not imagine. But…


Imagine that you will live with us - walk, act, serve - androids - robots, in appearance very similar to humans, is now as difficult as it was once incredible to imagine cinema, air fleet, mobile phone and the Internet.

Androids - that's what will be a real breakthrough in robotics. We stand at the origins of this direction, which covers several areas of knowledge, the achievements of engineering inventive thought and the possibilities of corporeal human architectonics, driven by innovative interest and united by a whole new direction - the new philosophy, the idea, the flight of fantasy, from which, as you know, everything begins.

But, despite the fact that the idea to create a humanoid robot, there is at least half a century, the robots apparently did not look like a person, did not come close to a person neither by capabilities nor by appearance. Despite the complexity of the software stuffing, modern robots are clumsy in their movements and limited in functions. If you do not take into account the industrial robotic manipulators and household robots, vacuum cleaners, then the android robots now are ugly "pieces of iron" that only "teach" to walk. To date, there is no production of robots in robotics that can be mistaken for humans; there are, perhaps, only test prototypes.

We do not see and do not know when we see on the factories and on the streets of our cities pleasant-looking humanoid robots in the role of postmen, couriers, promoters, traffic controllers ... - all those whose work is not done for people. Is it necessary to strive for this? Twentieth-century fiction writers clutched at the idea of ​​a humanoid robot because of the spectacular surroundings that they created by their presence in the space of an artistic text. As we now understand, there were no scientific, technical and socio-economic grounds in these ideas. As now there are no such prerequisites. And we already see on concrete examples the ideas of the development of the “autopilot” (for example, public transport going on routes without human intervention; quadrocopters performing the most complicated sophisticated television and filming; flying robots will surely easily cope with the function of mass delivery, for example, products from supermarkets and restaurants and just goods from online stores ...). And it gives us the opportunity to assume that the lion’s share of routine work will be performed by robots that are “anatomically” not similar to humans. And this, in the relevant areas of hard or dangerous labor, will naturally overcome the physiological imperfections of a person, increase the accuracy of the work performed and secure the person himself. Why produce a humanoid robot to drive a car when it is easier and more expedient to create a robot car and integrate it into the global system of adjusting the safe movement of robot cars on all roads, eliminating the rather dangerous and unreliable in some cases "human factor".

And only, perhaps, in the areas of life where “a person needs a person”, will remain relevant in a humanoid robot that can correctly speak, respond adequately to the incentives of another person, give a constructive backlash.

A man is a friend, friend, comrade, interlocutor, partner, beloved, beloved, lover, lover. In these objects of human relationships, the need will not disappear. We do not undertake to judge whether it will be fruitful to use the android robot for educational and educational purposes. But the fact that the "adult mode" will be relevant, especially for men, it seems to us undoubted.



“Adult mode” is the mode of android behavior as a sexual partner. And the modern man can use this mode now. We have brought this future closer by creating an android body.


In order for even the android robots to appear, but the android shells, modern technologies had to emerge, materials that had not existed until now, and even a new philosophy. The philosophy of the future, in which artificial intelligence is developed and serves man. Android as a humanoid robot, controlled by artificial intelligence, can become an everyday everyday element of the future. And in this sense, everything is just beginning.


Sex doll - android woman - the future in the present.

The current android woman is not yet fully created android in the form of a woman, it is rather a propobot or a protrobe-android. This is what we call the android shell. He was created by a man who knows the problems of other men! Android-body can already perform one of its main functions - it gives an adult man to realize the basic need - for sexual relaxation.


Android shells, they are also sex dolls, sex dollars, sexy dollars, sex dollars - a new object of exploitation for a person. Full-height dolls are adult-sized puppets made to satisfy men's sexual needs, these are the bodies of future upright androids based on a skeleton with movable joints. And they could be called modern, movement-capable sculptures made of plastic materials. But they differ from sculpture by their “body identity” (in a static state they are easily confused with a living person).










Three weeks later


Exactly three weeks after meeting Jessica, Patrick's cyber-nerd neighbor, on Sunday, the door bell rang. On the threshold stood a smiling man. Bill looked: is it a man or an android? Now the world of the erect is divided for him according to this principle. After the metaphysical existential upheaval that he endured because of neighbor Jessica, it was worth looking at the people. And Bill now did not know to whom or what he is more happy - people or androids.

It was a man. Behind his back, at the level of the chest, a streamlined capsule swaying in the air in a horizontal position hovered in the air; it was about the size of a man.

The sun was playing mother-of-pearl capsules the color of fresh milk. The capsule was fascinating. Bill gazed at this defiantly spectacular modern artifact, and suddenly it dawned on her: arrived — sailed through the air — Laura flew in, his Juliet, his Chantal! (So ​​far he has not been able to decide on a name - maybe Alex? Yes, perhaps ...)

Bill's delight knew no bounds - his new “wife” was delivered, with whom it was not necessary to formalize marital relations, with which life had to be as ideal as it seemed to him. He could have chosen any name for her, but so far he could not stop at one (perhaps he would call her all three names). His beauty, his mistress, his housewife, his companion, his assistant, his muse ... He pinned on her limitless hopes.

Alex was an android of the same generation as neighbor Jessica. Bill was looking forward to her delivery. After meeting with Jesse, he realized that he also needed to get an android woman. And not just for sex, not for sex alone. Acquainted with the phenomenon of android on the example of Jessica, he came to the conclusion that it is not just a gorgeous body for pleasure at the slightest request - it is much more. And this was interesting (I wanted!) To understand.

Delight filled Bill with energy, Bill opened the front door, inviting the accompanying person to enter and start the capsule. It was an employee of the company that creates androids. “RealisticDoll!” The guy saluted, as if it were his personal name. It turned out that the capsule itself could get to the house of Bill. But the man was sent for primary instruction and unpacking the robot.

The instructor took out a mobile device resembling a control panel. He pointed at the capsule, "landed" and opened it.

Oh god Bill had no words! Did it now belong to him ?! In the box was a man-woman, this something was very similar to a man, but without physical human defects - perfection, embodied Beauty, a nymph or even a goddess!

The instructor suggested introducing his electronic keys to open and close the capsule. The capsule was not just an ergonomic container of a cybertel (undoubtedly, it was an excellent place to store or transport the android in a static state). The capsule could be a battery, its cyber-energy-information-neural batteries, which are charged from the air and from the sun, “absorbing” the cyberman’s body into their arms, saturated its neural network with energy and updated the cyber-intelligence with information so that the brain’s “body” of the robot and "fed" and "not obsolete." And it also contained an on-board computer with a base of artificial intelligence for the selection of functions and the formation of unique sets of android properties. It was a software center, it could be called an android life support center.

Accompanying the capsule said that, after reading the instructions, Bill will be able to program the management of all functions using fingerprints so that no one else can use either the capsule or the robot. “Learning instructions cannot be avoided; you will have to master the functionality. You can read it, listen to it or view it as you please. If you have any questions, please contact us. The initial settings of the android are programmed as you ordered, ”the instructor smiled broadly and, as it seemed to Bill, smiled promisingly, shook hands and was like that.

It was necessary to urgently study the operating manual, because so far the cyber creature did not give signs of life. Bill's impatience prevented him from reading the instructions. He tried to speed up, searched the book for the main thing, looking at the text diagonally, but this only lost time. As a result, he abandoned this venture and decided to act intuitively - was he really born out of the age of information, wouldn't his user experience help him ?!

Of course, first of all he wanted to try out the “adult mode” - why did he buy it, he wondered. First you need to find the magic start button of the entire android. Of course, you can run remotely, but you can also click. Billy was looking for a button. He clicked on different, now convex, then concave places, until he pressed the navel. ABOUT! These were the gates of the life of the android. Bill shook with the android: android - from turning on, Bill - from surprise. Android-Alex immediately took a sitting position and twisted her head - right-left, up and down, as if stretching her cervical vertebrae, in fact, she set the boundaries and the scale of the room with a built-in tactical sensor. Light flashed in their eyes, and they found a living meaningful expression.

Bill shook again - now morally, in surprise: “Prive-ee, darling! - Alex stretched out in the sweetest sweet voice. To say that Bill was ready for this is to say nothing. Sitting in the box, the android held out her hand to Bill and playfully played her fingers in the air, as if asking him to help her stand up. Bill leaned forward and suddenly, flying in the air, was on the couch. She is hung over him - a cyberwoman. “My dear, I want to eat you entirely, everything,” the android said with a much lower, almost masculine timbre. His hand was under the elastic of Bill’s underpants, movements were demanding and impatient. Further intentions of this creature were not known.

"Cyborg!" Bill groaned inwardly. Natural instinct of self-preservation ejected adrenaline in the body of Bill, it turned on an unknown force, and he pressed the navel with an exact instant movement. The Android got up, sat on the sofa, his eyes went out and closed. Everything froze.

A few minutes, Bill walked away from what he saw. He recalled that he asked the developers to immediately set up an “adult mode” for him: either they were joking in this way, or the “navel” button was associated with this “brutal” type of android behavior ... In general, it was not worth it to hurry. Coming to his senses, Billy again took up the instructions.

The guide said that each of the modes, starting with the "adult", ending with the "taxi", could be formed from different functions. Thus, each mode could be shaped to suit its own needs, opportunities, and even preferences, creating submodes. This defined the "temperament" and "character" of the android. And the more functions and their combinations were involved, the more distinctive was the “individual”.

Now Bill has become clearer the "character" of the neighbor Jessica. Although ... rather, the nature of its owner - Patrick, because he chose characteristics-functions and integrated them into sub-modes. And the secret incident that occurred between him and Jessica in the moments of Patrick's absence, lost his mystery and led Bill to even some disappointment. Because the behavior of Jessica in the absence of Patrick, he humanly regarded as facing him as a more attractive partner for Jess. But it turned out that Patrick, as an inexperienced tuner of a female android, did not have enough forethought and experience. He programmed Jessica to react to his voice, but did not take into account that there could be another subject next to her whom she should not join in the “adult mode”.

According to Jessica's behavior, it was possible to judge that Patrick was very romantic, sweet, good-natured, sedate, and somewhat shy - as his choice of sexual android partner expressed his, in general, restrained and conservative nature. Patricia was faithful to his name, which determined the patriarchal way of life based on a romantic-tailored life. It felt the aristocracy of the clan spirit, which was transmitted through DNA from distant European ancestors.

And Patrick, of course, did not “go into details”, which Bill was very interested in. “So-so-that-a-ah!” He said, surprised and very interested. The manual described numerous settings and physical manifestations, and mental. These were, in the words of Bill, “heaped up things!”: It was possible to regulate the vagina and its “physiological” manifestations, it was even possible to adjust it in the self-regulation mode. It was possible to choose the mode of "density" or "size" and, accordingly, make the size of the lap of Android love already or wider, shorter or longer.

All this promised a lot of sensations! Already at this theoretical stage of acquaintance with the android, Bill began to be excited, because the instruction was a sort of erotic-sexual work. Bill read and saw the accompanying pictures and began to imagine how the ultra-modern human-like uninterrupted automatically tuned “cup of love” can caress him with his very old design - Lingam.

The names of the physiological effects of the cyberjoni were on the verge of “politically correct”: the instruction promised a gradation of moisture from “young” to “experienced”. It turned out that the moisture content of the vaginal walls was also regulated from mild (dry), which happens to inexperienced sex partners, to a “volcanic eruption” of a sultry sexually experienced liberated sex bomb, literally bleeding from the juices of love.

The user could choose another mode of “increase” and “increase arousal”, could program and change the size of the vagina depending on the phase of the sexual act: narrowness and dryness at the beginning and increase of moisture and expansion in the process of coitus. The manual guaranteed that artificial intelligence would “scan” the parameters of the user's “love instrument” and adjust all settings of the “vaginal behavior” to the capabilities and needs of the penis.

Bill stopped in the section "act sound". This mode, depending on the selected main voice of the android, type of sexual actions (whether it be role-playing or measured "family" sex before bed), gave the basis of sexual voice sounds - moans, screams, inarticulate sexual mumbling, individual words and phrases, sounds orgasmic discharge. You could even choose a voice similar to the voice of a famous person, a popular TV or movie star.

Patrick did not speak about all this. And these opportunities only added fuel to the fire of Bill’s growing desire. The possibilities of program settings were many. Bill, of course, could use them, creating unique and exotic combinations. But the beauty of artificial intelligence was that it provided for, and could predetermine, and set up for the owner such modes that corresponded to the main selected mode of android behavior, and the phenotypic features of the android, and the main “temperament”, and the selected sub-modes, and most importantly, the needs of the owner. And at the initial acquaintance with the miracle of technical-cybernetic art, it would be better to trust the settings offered by artificial intelligence.

“Well, it means that you need to try to avoid Patrick's mistakes and think up sub-modes for Alex so that incidents like the one that happened between me and Jessica in the absence of Patrick do not happen again. So that my “wife” in the adult mode would only react to me with all his “organs” to me, ”thought Bill.

Studying the opportunity-function of the new “family member” by the user’s manual, Bill armed himself with a tablet in order to make sub-modes for Alex and immediately send them to the android processor. Recalling the advice of psychologists on how to choose a wife, Bill decided to use some psychological matrices of characters and compose his own. Fortunately, by this time psychomatrices were developed taking into account the most numerous traits of character - there was something to choose from for Alex. He already had a beauty in the flesh. Now it was necessary to create a psycho-type ideal in all respects ...



Our days




Present days


Main mode - mistress mode


In recognition of the men who watched movies with the "participation" of androids, they are very much waiting for android women with an "adult mode" - a mistress mode. This mode for men in the first place! And this is explained by the fact that a man for sex does not need a companion intellectual, but a beautiful female individual with a beautiful face and body shape is needed. And it is this in sex - the main thing for men. Like the sexual side of life itself, one of the most important in the life of a man. This is practically not talked about either in society or in the state.

A man’s constantly working thought about sex draws attention to everything connected with him or can be attributed to him. And if it is possible to create a robot in the image and likeness of a man, then why not make him a woman, and moreover, a woman-model? And then it can be used to realize the men's needs of the general and individual character of different levels: the physiological, psychological, and aesthetic, and maybe even some specific ones. And such a “female standard” has already been created by Realistic Doll.

Full-height sex doll in the form of an adult beautifully folded woman, ideal for satisfying men in many ways.

Every man, traditionally focused on sex with a woman, as soon as sexual desire manifested itself, always mentally associated him with a suitable object — a beautiful, in his opinion, girl or woman. If we take into account that most men retain their heterosexual orientation and attraction to an adult woman, realistic sex dolls, externally representing the standard of feminine beauty in the representation of a man, are an ideal object.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------


Thanks to the availability of sex dollars for a man, such urgent questions from as early as youth are removed to yourself: “Will a beautiful woman go with me?”, “Will a beautiful woman want to have sex with me?”, “Will I have is there ever a beautiful woman with whom i can have sex? ” In the image of an artificial sexually attractive diva, this beauty becomes reachable and tangible. And the choice is not for her - for a man.

With the advent of sex dollars a man had the opportunity to solve several problems at once. From the age of 18, you can buy a sex doll and have sex with her, not sharing information and problems with anyone, realizing different sexual fantasies, becoming satisfied and independent, not wasting time hunting for fatal beauties, without fear of being rejected and feeling the complete master of the situation.

In the near future, the software part will allow the sexy sex to “analyze” the behavior of a man during sex - she will emit the most sexual sounds, then subside, then amplifying, depending on the movements of the men, “reaching their voices” to a simultaneous orgasm.









Happy day. Languid night Day after day



Bill woke up when the sun splashed directly into his eyes. Without yet opening his eyes, he smiled and stretched blissfully. The night was unforgettable. ... Now every morning, waking up, Bill saw his beloved next to him. Together with Alex, the feeling of calm confidence and reliable constancy entered the life of a very young and active man. The first thing that met him in the morning was the beautiful face of his wife: everything is like that of happy married young people. Bill loved to watch the android wife lying next to him.

Now, waking up, he relaxed admiring the contours of the face or body. I watched how the curls of dark long thick hair, disintegrated around the face and on the pillow. How gently the night outfit looks to sleep, if this outfit was on the body ... And today Alex's morning expression was innocent and gentle. And this further emphasized the contrast between day and night.

Last night was special. He will remember her for a long time. “Is it possible to repeat? .. .. - closing his eyes again, remembering the night of love pleasure, Bill wondered. “Is it really possible?! ..” The night sensations were so shocking that Bill didn’t even think that morning sex was possible. All thoughts were in the past night.

... He was very quickly excited by the same atmosphere: Alex filled the bedroom with the smell of patchouli, several times playfully walked past him, already lying in bed, making a series of movements that used real stripteasers. She teased him, inflaming his imagination with half-naked parts of the body, as if inviting him to do away with the half-secret. Passing past him, as if getting ready for bed, as if accidentally touching his sensitive places. Straightened clothes, for a moment exposing the various delicate places. All this aroused him so much that, when she finally bent over him and clung to his lips, he with a sharp movement seized her by the hips and with great speed entered his wand of passion into the desired womb. To do this with an ordinary woman would be impossible. And Alex did without ceremonies in this matter. She approached precisely when ejaculation did not seem to stop. And they both experienced this eruption at the same time. Her bosom of love at that moment was precisely so juicy, so dense and at the same time pliable, which never for a moment slowed Bill’s movement, but did not weaken sensations either. At the peak of the orgasmic release, the lovers' flows met, united in a dense wave of blissful energy that swept the body from top to bottom, and, without releasing it, held it for a few seconds in suspended ecstasy. And it was not clear who entered whom — it seemed that Alex had entered Bill and was enveloped in an unprecedented state. “Is it possible to experience something else like that? ..” Bill returned to his thought.

That night, he didn’t even have time to hear Alex’s excitement moans — the eruption was soundless. Usually, sounds enhanced his arousal and increased physical stamina. I wanted to hear the moans and cries, and the guttural climax. The voice of his partner was sensitively adjusted to all movements, to the whole pace of coitus. Either quiet, almost audible, now hoarse, then intensifying, pure and high — along with increased movement.

And tonight he did not have time to trace the whole path of arousal through its characteristic moisture. At first, barely noticeable, when a member with his movements at the entrance, trying to advance centimeter by centimeter, swaying “female” flesh, inflaming it, causes movement of carnal juice. And the penis begins to slide and slide, being in an expanding grotto of sensuality and passion, the body picks up speed, and the movements of the flesh become unconsciously fast, strong and deep, sometimes reaching the walls of the delightful grotto and resting on it, experiencing additional stimulation. And sometimes, wrapped like a thick but slippery pipe, the member does not feel the limit, as if falling into the abyss ... Adjusting the girth, then increasing it, then squeezing it more tightly, Alex can extend the sensations and change the end, filled with completely different shades ...

Bill never lived a true family life and therefore he had nothing to compare with. Family relations between a man and a woman were not always formalized in living together, as was often the case at the beginning of the twenty-first century. And while programming “type of life” with android, he decided to choose the type “classic European family”, “type of behavior” of the android woman - “housewife” with the sub-function “personal driver”.

Therefore, the daytime life of Bill looked like in the films of the period of the twentieth and twenty-first century. They woke up together while he was going to work, the beauty in a short home dress with a mischievous smile on his face prepared him breakfast, fed him and drove him to work. In the evening, drove behind him and drove home. Sometimes he asked to take them to a restaurant. For a change. To share experiences in society. He did not emphasize the inhumanity of his companion, but on the contrary, to the last he tried to hide the fact that his companion was not a man. And enjoyed the impression she makes on both men and women.

When night was approaching, Bill asked his wife: “What adult regime have we not tried yet?”. And Alex said the list: “Passionate Spaniard”, “Persistent Swede”, “Playful Stewardess”, “Meek Geisha”, “Skillful Courtesan”, “Crowned Person”, “Depraved Lady” ... Bill stopped at one of the names and ... began.

He was never bored. Alex's artistry was inimitable, the technique was masterly, the character of the action was rich, the effect was exceptional. It certainly broadened the mind, and sometimes Bill noticed that his imaginative system and fantasies became much richer. Even its lexicon has undergone quantitative changes in the direction of increasing. This is noticed at work!

By the way, he and behave at work has become much more relaxed and confident. Why are there at work - he began to feel lighter and freer - he had never experienced such inner freedom. And this confidence inspired him Alex.

Bill could not even imagine what an abundance of touches, strokes, massage movements exist in the form of erotic caresses, and that everyone will do it for him whenever he wants! Do it masterfully! To do with full dedication! Yes, and could he ever imagine that his sexual partner would have the ability through his fingertips to generate pranic waves in his body ?! and immerse in sexual nirvana ?! This is Alex!

Lovers have not yet passed the twentieth of all modes. Everything was new. And there was no talk of choosing preferred programming.

Bill not only did not exhaust the resource of his libido. But it seemed that his body was getting stronger and acquiring an increasing sexual appetite, and opportunities too. Lack of fear to seem ridiculous or awkward, gave additional pleasure. The behavior of the partner did not provoke response pathological reactions in him, did not require the useless use of precious energy and time to heal spiritual wounds. The lack of emotional overtures to the partner made her bodily relaxation complete and boundless.

The harmony of the bodies was absolute. The rumor was favored by your favorite timbre. The peak of voluptuousness fell on the most stunning sounds of animal passion ... or the gentle, quiet lulling wave of a home hovering orgasm. Going to sleep until morning.

The words "interactivity of the adult mode" from the instructions did not convey the naturalism of all sensations. Through Alex's body, penetrated by the neural network, it was transmitted, or rather, it was flowed in energy streams — from it to it — all energy, all information. Outside - through the surface of the “skin” of the whole body, the mimicry of her face — forehead, cheekbones, lips, eyes, temperature of the “body”. From the inside - with sounds and internal sensations of girth density, waves of movements of different vibrations, expansion and contraction, warmth and hotness. And all this in unison with the movements, sounds, thoughts of Bill. And, of course, the voice of the beloved - and in these moments his love became universal, and she sensitively reacted to the slightest movements and even Bill's wishes. Alex foresaw not only the movements of her lover, but also the change of his states. And technicality in this process, when Alex knew exactly what needed to be done and did, helping Bill, was far from being the main thing, but taking for granted.

The “brain” of the android included all previous universal experiences of the relationship between a man and a woman. This experience excluded the negative vector and was only with a plus sign. And the main mode was Harmony. It was impossible between a living man and a woman. And the man in the dream of happiness created a neuron-like alter ego — himself in the desired projection: for women — an android-man, for a man — an android-woman, for any person — any person.




Present days



Moving from the future to the present,

we discovered…

Our life falls on such a civilization turn, when a new formation is born. It is often said that from a society of « industrial » we went to the society "informational"». Perhaps this is not a formation, but a civilizational movement – process, the understanding of the essence of which (and the name) will come gradually and later. We believe that this civilization movement of the human spirit and body is directed towards the heights of development.

Something has irrevocably become obsolete. Something has developed to the highest level. Something we lost. Got something. But in the process of technological leap, we are forced or have the opportunity to look for new forms and relationships.

Traditional family – marriage between a man and a woman – In many ways, I have become obsolete. Redistribution of social roles, when men's roles are performed by women and vice versa, the lack of demand for men, leading to the impossibility of realization, including such basic needs as the need for sex, make people look for new forms and possibilities of realization.

The sexual life of men includes attributes that did not exist until these times, for example, full-growth dolls.

Taking into account modern speeds, you can be sure that the development and implementation of technologies for creating artificial sex partners in the adult industry will be much faster than the implementation of the ideas of 20th century science fiction. And then the transition of the beautiful android into « adult mode » any man who wants carnal love can turn on every night (or day). Perhaps the androids will be « live » and in the traditional form of the family, like in the movies, to perform various functions in the household. And even with the preservation of the family from a man and a woman, the man will not have to look for dubious partners, and the woman   – suffer from jealousy, because who will be jealous of the robot? Especially if in the next room there can live a handsome android male type », and he can also have at least one adult mode ».

Technological maturation of civilization is carried out at high speed. People are forced to rush in the flow of time. The movement continues. We are included in the civilizational stream with its technological leaps. We – in the time stream! Are you with us ?!


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