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We, the product, the client
We, the product, the client

We - Studio RealisticDoll - develop, produce and sell full-height dolls, android wrappers and, as a derivative, are intimate products. We work for adults on the planet who have a need for our products and who are interested in our activities in any aspect. A visual representation of the products can be found on the studio's website:

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Technological competitive advantages
Technological Competitive Advantages

Features of our unique technologies (know-how) allowed us, unlike competitors, to move from manual work to computer technology. Moreover, these technologies have great potential for development and allow to bring the process to a high-tech level of continuous production. This means the possibility of multiple expansion and acceleration of production capabilities.

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Strategic plan: from the Doll to the Android
Strategic plan

Android is a humanoid robot (visually indistinguishable from a person in appearance and movement).

Already today one can imagine a schematic model of the transformation of a humanoid doll into an android - a technological entity that is indistinguishable or almost indistinguishable from a human being.

Technological steps or stages of transition from a full-growth doll to an android can be briefly described as follows.

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Promotion channels
Promotion channels

The main channel for the dissemination of information about us and our product today is our website:


Taking into account the strategic and production development plan of Studio RealisticDoll, there is a need to expand and strengthen the promotion channels of the studio, website, products, club.

It is necessary to increase network advertising, which means the production of static and dynamic Internet advertising, including the production of banners, videos, etc., and the introduction of this advertising in the Internet space, taking into account the target audience. Advertising on portals, sites, platforms for adult audiences.

There is a need for the development of advertising and marketing activities in Russian and foreign social networks (SMM promotion, brand and communication activities in social networks).

It is advisable to create a software product - a mobile application at, which will allow the user to use it both as a standalone application - a mobile version of the site, and as a mobile application to online magazines on relevant topics, taking into account the adult target audience (in this case, mobile The application can also be viewed as an advertising medium for a wider product - not just the Studio RealisticDoll studio (i.e., it will earn on advertising). Among the promo channels it is necessary to name the creation of an international network of permanent showrooms and periodicals through participation in international exhibitions and forums. It is necessary to organize and constantly maintain direct mail for the target domestic and foreign audience, using automatic and selective personalized mailing systems.

The development of club activities on the basis of the existing virtual club of the studio is associated with maintaining the composition of regular customers, the formation of the club ideology as the basis of any targeted activity.

Attracting erotic and related direction to the promotional channels of the glossy foreign and domestic press (placement of spectacular glossy advertising and texts).

Publishing and updating content on our main site and on other, thematically similar sites created for the project’s goals.

Very interesting is the development of a related project Studio RealisticDoll - Loveparadise3d. There is a pilot version of this project. As a promotional marketing tool, this project can be developed both independently and within the Studio RealisticDoll club - through access to “secret content”, which only a member of the club (male or female) can enter.

LoveParadise3d is a social network for adults - 18+, which has two modes - “normal” for verbal communication within the network (on our website) and “unusual”, the so-called adult mode - “erotic”, “sexy” for virtual flirting with virtual sexual sequel as virtual partners (action takes place on the site). From the usual mode of communication (acquaintance, flirting, revealing preferences), participants by agreement, choosing the desired image (having designed it in a personal virtual “dressing room”), can switch to an adult mode - to a “magic paradise of love” - and develop love relationships, starting from declarations of love or passion and kisses, ending with adult virtual relationships in different surroundings (on the beach, at sea, in bungalows, etc., etc.) ..





Pricing. Receiving a profit. Capitalization
Pricing. Receiving a profit. Capitalization

Price of products: from $ 99 to $ 4900. The main source of profit is sales of full-growth dolls and sales of intimate toys via the Internet. Settlements with customers are carried out through payment systems and banks. At the moment, the development of the company takes from 20 to 50% of gross income per month. So far, for several years, the studio has been engaged in more research, invention, introduction of new samples, testing, and only in parallel - for self-sufficiency and self-financing - sales of products.



Production plan: from small laboratory to expanded production
Production plan

The main goal of attracting investments is the expansion of production, the transformation of the studio’s creative research environment into an automated line production structure, the introduction of new technologies, including its own know-how, the creation of a representative structure at home and abroad, the intensification of advertising and marketing processes on the Internet .