Role playings with Android

Ролевые игры с Андроидом


Late in the evening, a middle-aged man entered a trendy cocktail lounge. It was Kevin. He heard about the "stylish and expensive place" at a social party. And already came here a couple of times to look closely.

That evening he was looking for someone with a look. Entering from the illuminated hall into the main hall, immersed in twilight, it was not so easy to examine the space and the people who filled it. There were not many visitors: either the time was unpopular, or the darkened room hid a lot of things that would have looked different in the light, or Kevin was preoccupied with searching for someone or something specific, and everything else didn’t matter to him, therefore, it became invisible. But he came here not by chance, and this could mean that such a state of affairs was in his hand. People seemed to dissolve in space. This was facilitated by the spirit of the noir-style room: twilight, dim light from neon lights placed in niches - draped private niches hiding visitors from prying eyes, cigarette and cigar smoke tending to oblivion; movement from the rustle and rustle of women's evening dresses ... Vibes of a general atmosphere disposed to private communication.

Beauty and artificial intelligence

Красота и искусственный интеллект


Красота лица — женщина.

Первородный ген — отношение мужчины к женщине.

Искусственный интеллект — любовь.

Любовь андроида — мужчина.

Мужчина — секс с андроидом.


Поговорим об этом?

Мы предлагаем исследовать ЭТО вместе с нами.

Мы приходим к мыслям от вопросов в устаревшей трактовке или совсем не поднимаемых до сих пор. И предлагаем проследовать к выводам вместе с нами. Только дочитав до конца, вы узнаете, как андроид сможет полюбить человека. И будет ли эта любовь подлинной?

Можем гарантировать, что выводы, к которым мы приходим, общепринятыми не назовешь.


We enable adult mode

We enable adult mode


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2069 year. Morning. California

Coming out of the house, Bill involuntarily glanced in the direction of neighbor's cottage, Patrick, and whistled in delight: She, who had been living next door for the second day, admired the glass of the French balcony. “I wonder why she stands like this, worrying her neighbors with her view? She put her shoulder on the door and put out a leg bent at the knee, twirling a lock on her hair and dreamily looking into the distance. As if she could dream of something”, - thought Bill.


Anyone wouldn’t refuse such a view in his own window: “It looks like the stage setting after morning sex.” Bill imagined how after the sexual pleasures Patrick fell off in the evening and fell asleep in exhaustion, and in the morning he overslept, having spent all his physical strength. But he acquired, of course, more - a source of total satisfaction. And if you think about it, then a good tool for training the whole body. And libido, of course. Playful thoughts were strung on one another, and all on one topic. Bill could not think of anything else - he had not yet departed from yesterday's fountain of impressions.

Softness of Silicone, types . . .

Новая серия Light и серия Premium: общее и различия


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We are starting to use a new modification of high-quality silicone in all our products - in the existing Premium series and in the new Light series.

New silicone allows you to create products even higher performance properties. Improved general characteristics of products - sex dolls and all sex toys of medium and small forms. Products of tactile sensations have become even more natural, especially in terms of softness: when pressing or pressing surfaces of products, when vibrating with a palm over the surface, when slapping. Visually: “skin”, “flesh” of products behaves like the skin and flesh of a soft sexual female body.

Alexa Bride

Алекса Невеста

Under Skirt / this article is only for Club members

Вид снизу / эта статья только для членов Клуба

Alexa of love and life

Алекса — прообраз идеальной любви и жизни


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Aleksa - ideal. Perfect - means without flaws, it just gets - luxury body unbanal growth, exotic beauty, serene mystery, infinite sexuality coveted (in any case, sports-gambling) attention of men ... Her figure envy any death - majestic growth, supple waist, luxurious forms, chiseled legs ... Its elastic form involve a sensory magnet.


Alex can be tireless lover - it never fails, she will never get a headache, will not be critical days, hormonal failure, increased criticality to your appearance, to a lack of hand hygiene and other parts of the body, the smell of unwashed bodies, unwashed head , to ensure that it is not down the toilet cover (or not raised), - which is usually so much effect on the ordinary mortal woman. Since there are no forbidden topics and poses - it's yours forever, without reproach and without reserve, to the voluptuous groan and sigh sleep without excuses.

Modern Venus de Milo

Современная Венера Милосская


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Torsodoll RealisticDoll - is a kind of modern Venus de Milo. Given that the modern man for sex without commitment, in general, need a waist-to-hip segment to it, maybe a little contemplation feminine bust and sensuously beautiful little face, then this product - a perfect object for sex.


To put it directly, "the bat" and "the nail on the head", the torsodoll RealisticDoll - is part of the doll Alexa, and Alexa doll without arms and legs. With all honesty we must admit that this favorite child not only consumers but also the manufacturer, and it's not in necrophilic inclinations of both sides, and in the utilitarian (including production) and at the same time aesthetic reasons.

Appetizing standard of female beauty

Аппетитный эталон женской красоты


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Appetizing, invitingly exciting, provocative, maybe so that trembled at the walking, and certainly - from playing halves, alluring male gaze, through no fault of her reasons are always welcome, elastic, soft, fluffy, cozy ... Yes it is, mesmerizing male ... female ass. As a special favorite male part of the female body.


Men poets sang of a woman's body from the moment that there were poetic means to do so. And the most attractive part of a female body in a universal scope, that is, around the world, and since ancient times, was a pair of waist - hip, under the hips, usually involves rear lower part of the back, one on which sit, in other words, it is the priest.